5 Smart Reasons Why You Need a Health Care Plan

As the world seems to be moving on from the global pandemic of 2020, the spread of the virus has enlightened individuals on the need to focus more on their health. 

Having sound health can help you earn efficiently and ensure you enjoy a quality life, while bad health on the other hand, would make you spend most of your money on treatment and doctor visits. 

The cost of healthcare in Nigeria has risen drastically over the last couple of decades, making quality healthcare beyond the reach of most citizens.


Health Plan


Without being able to avoid unforeseen accidents and illness, it is your responsibility to stay prepared and protected for such tragic incidents. This is why ensuring that your future health is in good hands by getting a stable health care plan from CribMD has become the only suitable way forward.

Here are 5 major reasons you need a health plan:

#1. It Goes Beyond Physical Health 

As opposed to the general misconception that health insurance covers just physical health, it has been proven to go way beyond that. Health care does not stop at the physical but dwells into the mental and behavioral aspects. 

The Nigerian state is opposed to talks on mental disorders and behavioral imbalance. As such, citizens suffering from these illnesses tend to shy away from clinical institutes to make complaints on specific symptoms which they experience. 

However, with a health plan in place, you can quickly speak with a doctor about your mental health and get them to keep tabs on you at intervals.

#2. It Reduces The Effect Of Rising Medical Cost

As humans, we never know when we would experience a medical emergency.

With a recent increase in doctor’s consultation fees, diagnosis tests fees, ambulance charges, operation theatre costs, and many others, medical bills have been un-understandably on the high side.

Experiencing an emergency during these times will drain you far more than you’ve planned financially. However, signing up for a health plan will help you reduce the burden of high medical bills by a large percent without jeopardizing the role of quality treatment.

#3. Reducing The Possibility Of Illness

While this seems rather preposterous, it has been argued that having health insurance in Nigeria and by extension, the world at large, makes it easy to keep individuals from getting sick.

How does this work?

Having current health care insurance makes preventive health care procedures possible. This means it becomes readily available to access and pay for – cutting across annual checkups, vaccination at due time, blood tests and lab work, scans, and screenings.

The frequent checkup makes it possible to notice and diagnose early stages of abnormalities in the body system, and some extreme cases help manage the illnesses before they become intractable. This plays a significant role in keeping one healthy.

#4. To Prevent or Fight Lifestyle Diseases

Having health insurance helps cover the cost of chronic conditions which arise as a result of stress, addiction, and pollution. In its most basic sense, it involves catering for diseases that originate from undisciplined lifestyles such as diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, and respiratory problems.

Getting an affordable health plan with CribMD, you would be connected with specialists to provide proper treatment and offer relevant disease management programs and resources helpful to your cases. This keeps you essentially updated about your health status.

#5. Confidence and Comfort

Having a health plan gives you extra confidence and comfort, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. Reason being that even if your health takes an unexpected turn, you and your family have a financial safety net.

It also allows you to freely engage in the activities you love without stressing for concerns of a possible treatment or an unexpected cost on your mind.


Bottom Line

No one has the perfect healthy life. As such, you can be a victim of diseases and unexpected injuries. The purchase of a health plan is not only to prevent the risks associated with the cost of healthcare should an illness befall a person, but it also protects against loss of income as a result.

Why spend all of your savings when you can get your medical bills paid by CribMD by simply paying affordable monthly premiums?

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Lani Sodunke

SEO & Content Manager

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