6 Cancer Causing Foods you Seriously need to Avoid.

Having an understanding that you are what you eat and projecting mindfulness and caution when eating is very important. Eating right and nourishing the body with healthy meals can be achievable if you are set to cut down on foods that can increase chances of cancer and other severe complications.
Cancer is a relatively unexplainable disease and could be caused by many other factors that include genes and lifestyle. Although some of the causes of cancer like eating habits and lifestyle can be controlled; hence this is why eating right and infusing fruits in your daily meals should not be downplayed.
Here are some foods you probably have been eating that have been linked to cancer:
Processed Meat 
These are meats that are preserved through salting, smoking or putting in cans. Examples of these are smoked meat, sausages, hot dog, corned beef, salted can meats. They are potential dangers to the health because of the methods used to preserve them. These methods can generate carcinogens; a major cancer causing agent in the body.
Exposing foods to a really high temperature through frying or grilling could be very cancerous. Fries possess a really large degree of acrylamide. Acrylamide is a chemical that is formed on the surface of foods when being exposed to high temperature through baking or roasting or frying.
Red meat
When being consumed in really large amounts, red meat could lead to cancer because because they are linked to having carcinogen; a major cancer causing agent.
Research has had it over and over again that alcohol is carcinogenic and has been linked greatly to breast cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer. Ethanol is capable of damaging cells and making them mutate or replicate abnormally.
Also, the accumulation of  Acetaldehyde ; a by-product of alcohol can cause DNA damage and lead to cancer.
Sugary foods or soda
Sugary foods and overly sugary contents like soda, beverages, pasta and baked foods can cause cancer. The consumption of soda especially has been linked to numerous health complications. According to research, carbonated drinks contain an outrageous amount of fructose and sucrose; and has been linked to numerous cases of breast cancer in women.
Noodles is one meal that is loved by many not just because it is delicious but because it it easy to prepare and takes less cooking time compared to other meals. They are high in nutrients, calories and vitamins however they lack antioxidants and are very high in sodium. Sodium absorbed in high quantity by the body is very harmful and could be linked to stomach cancer.
Nevertheless, the interesting thing about nature is that she always proves herself as a reliable antidote to solving health conditions.
So here are natural Foods that could lower your risk of cancer. You could imbibe them in your daily meals:
Fruits and Vegetables
You could have the vegetables and fruits raw or blend them into smoothies or juice. Make sure you do not add concentrates or sweeteners. They are very dangerous and cancerous too. Do not overcook your vegetables. You would be killing the nutrients if you do so. Remember that overcooked foods are very unhealthy and can expose you to various health complications. Take fruits like citrus and carrots. They have anti cancer components. Nuts too are very healthy; take tiger nuts and walnuts especially.
Wash tomatoes properly before eating them. You could add them to salads or sandwiches. Just make sure that they are not being exposed to high temperature before being eaten. Tomatoes are highly rich in nutrients and vitamins that fight against cancer.
Eating garlic regularly could lower your risk of cancer. You could spice your meals up with garlic. Garlic contains phytochemicals  which are major elements in fighting cancer.
Beans contain antioxidants that can fight cancer and other health issues. Kidney beans is one example. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that won’t just lower your risk of cancer but keep you very healthy and immune to complications.
Fish contains fatty acids which have been linked to reducing the risk of prostrate cancer. Eat more of salmon and tuna. Avoid overcooking fish so that they are not exposed to so much heat.  Heat does not just kill the nutrients but also exposes meals to cancer causing agents.
In conclusion, strive to eat as healthy as possible and maintain a balanced lifestyle. It could be tempting to have other meals because they taste really good. However remember that your health is paramount and you have to look out for yourself always.


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