8 Things you Probably have been doing WRONG all your Life!

These things actually constitute our daily activities and could be termed as routine for us. Have you been doing them pretty well or the wrong way? Let’s find out in this interesting piece;

  1. Washing your hands

If you wash your hands for about 20 seconds or less, then you have been doing it the absolute wrong way. There is a hand-washing pattern; it is called the 60 second rule. To have squeaky cleans hands,you have to wash thoroughly for 60 seconds concentrating more on the inner sides of your hands that harbors dirt. Bear this in mind the next time you use the bathroom!

2. Having too many showers

This might go against our natural convention of “having your bath thrice a day takes the body odour far away.” But the truth is that taking too many showers is not very healthy for the body. It can cause dryness and give room for unhealthy bacteria on the body because bathing regularly removes healthy body oils that protect and nourish the skin. 

3. Drinking Soda from a Can.

You did not know? Well now you do. If you have been drinking soda from cans, here is the right time to let go. Some cans actually harbour dirt after being stored up for a long period of time either from the factory or warehouse or even in the home! Drink with a straw instead or pour in a cup. Soda cans can harbour millions of bacteria 

4. Brushing your teeth.

 Brushing your teeth is important. However what is more important is how you brush it. If you have been brushing in circular motions, then this is the perfect way to brush your teeth: place your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to your gum then stroke back and forth softly so that you don’t injure your gum. Do this consistently a sparkling set of teeth.

5. Putting eggs or dairy products in the fridge  

We are not saying this is bad! However dairy products could go sour if not stored in the fridge properly. Put dairy products on the lower compartments of the fridge and not on the fridge door. Eggs too! They need to be kept at a very cool temperature. The fridge doors are the warmest compartments of the fridge and foods that can perish quickly should not be stored there. More than half of the world’s population consistently make this mistake.

6. Not wearing sunscreen

Your skin is perfect. Yes. But do you know that wearing sunscreen protects you from ultraviolet rays that could lead to skin aging and cancer?? You should use sunscreen daily because about 80% of the sun’s rays are harmful to the skin. 

7. Washing your jeans too often

How often should you launder your jeans? At most once a month. Don’t wear out your jeans through washing. You can use odor removers at intervals or air them.  But washing them regularly is a huge NO!

8. Keeping or storing food in the oven

Food left in the oven can actually lose its freshness especially when it is kept there for over two hours. Also, bacteria can get on it and keep growing there especially when the temperature is between 40 and 140 degrees. It is not so safe. If you have left overs, store them in the fridge and then heat them whenever you need to eat. 


So how many of these above have you had shortcomings? Well. I hope we learnt the right methods today.

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