African Time and Healthcare Consultations

The concept of time is an age-long one. We have somehow fashioned our lives around it.


Some say we live in time. That narrative is somewhat of a powerful one because everything is dated. 


Reminiscing on the evergreen “Time naa money” by Mike Okri, the lyrics slap hard every time.


Expounding on that, it is right and just if we hold on to every bit of consciousness. We have to be constantly self-aware about what we do.


It’s not like the writer of this piece is immune from that in any way. The difference might be the degree of self-awareness. 


Concerning the concept of time, it won’t be out of place to call out what many Africans perceive as African Time.


It is the perceived and relaxed notion prevalent in most parts of the continent. It is a psychological culture ingrained into the fabrics of everyday activities.


Reliable statistics have it that Africa loses an estimated amount of $200bn every year due to African time – putting it into perspective, an estimate of $3bn dollars per country. Indeed, time naa money.


Given the above considerations, CribMD has devised a strategy to keep doctors and patients accountable regarding scheduled consultations.




Every Patient is required to treat each appointment with a sense of urgency. CribMD is going live with the patient no-show fine (charge) feature at the stage, only for home-call visits. 


As a patient on CribMD, the appointment interface on the mobile app should look like this:

Patient Appointment Booked

The interface below is what the doctor would see:

Doctor's View of Appointment

If the Patient is absent at the indicated address and no follow-up correspondence from the Patient is made, the doctor can tap on “Patient didn’t show up”.


After that, CribMD would be notified and take up the fine process from there – as laid out in the terms and conditions of the platform.


This feature intends to ensure minimal downtime on the side of both the Patient and Doctor. It also aims at helping users of the platform respect one another’s schedules.


As of the time of putting this guide together, the Doctor No-Show feature is under testing and will be rolled out in due time. Shortly, sequel guides to this one would be made.

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