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Are you a practising Medical Doctor? Here is how to make some extra cash on CribMD.

The Nigerian parlance of who no like betta thing holds through as everyone wants multiple income streams, especially if it is linked to our passions and life goals.

It’s no news that many medics are grossly underpaid compared to the immense value they bring to the table — saving and caring for human lives.

So, CribMD puts healthcare consultation on steroids.

CribMD is a telemedical solution and doctor house call digital outreach online company.

With your skill and expertise as a practicing medical doctor, you have the opportunity of earning more on CribMD and not always have to depend on your employer.

Uber is a model for the CribMD consultation experience.

Now, here is how CribMD works:

Just like Uber, where a driver comes onboard and gets paid using his/her car to serve riders, on CribMD a doctor comes onboard and also gets paid using his/her expertise to serve patients.

Super simple.

No stress.

Set your schedule on the app, then patients can get to book you if you are available.

In essence, Doctors on CribMD are our partners.

We operate two modes of healthcare consultation.

  • Telemedicine
  • Doctor House Call

It’s up to the patient to determine which consultation mode he/she prefers.

Telemedicine happens over an internet-enabled device while for the Doctor-House-Call, a patient books a doctor on the CribMD platform for a physical consultation at the patient’s home/office as the case may be.

On CribMD, we only onboard doctors/medics who are licensed and practicing to provide direct and independent patient service.

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Physiotherapists can also come onboard CribMD.

And of course, no matter your medical speciality, you will have to prove that you are also practising as of the time of your application by uploading the relevant documents for verification.

CribMD is not in any way thinking less of other professionals in the health sector. No. Not at all. We are only digitalizing the usual physical consultation patients have on a day to day basis in brick and mortar hospitals.


The easy steps are listed out in the image below.

1. Log on to the CribMD signup page.

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Signup Page

Click Sign up as a Doctor.

2. On the next page, fill in your details.

Let’s take an arbitrary name — Samuel Philips.

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Signup Form

3. Upload Documents.

You will need to upload relevant documents

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4. Once you are done uploading, you will get this on-screen message.

“Well done! You will get a verification mail after your credentials have been evaluated. This might take a while”.

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Upload Completed

5. Verification Successful.

After thorough checks and due diligence, your profile will be activated. If we notice any red flags in your documentation and licensing, you will be denied access and banned with immediate effect.

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Verification Successful

Now, that’s all. You can now login to your account.

Here is how your dashboard would look like.

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Doctors’ Dashboard

You will then proceed to verify your email and phone number respectively by clicking the respective buttons.

Remember also to update your profile.

Doctors who have incomplete profiles would rank very low on CribMD when a patient makes a search for doctors in respective niches.

So, your best bet to rank high, consult more patients and make more money is to make your profile topnotch and highly professional.

You will get notified by an email and SMS when a patient requests your service.

You get paid $30 per house call and $10 per telemedicine session.

That wraps it up.

Get started today!

Click here to sign up


Do you have any questions at all about the signup process or suggestions? Send us an email at [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

Talk to you soon.

Lani Sodunke

SEO & Content Manager

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