BREAKING: CribMD Agrees With Music Legends.

Bob Marley was right. So also was Onyeka Onwenu.


One love keep us together.


Listened to those renditions yet? If not, I think you should.


Because, time and time again, it’s been proven that humans tend to achieve high-level results when the spirit of collaboration and mutual accountability is involved – especially when love is the central focus.


The love to see your neighbour do exploits, breaks boundaries, achieve milestones and crush goals (financial, health, etc.). Think of it as love without attachments.


CribMD borrows that ideology, and that’s why we have created specific product offerings to see that you and your loved ones can easily access affordable healthcare easily and fast.


They are the Corporate Executive Plan (CEP) and the Family Plan (FP).


For FP, once you sign up, you can afford to add at most 10 family members as dependents.


Also, since employers are responsible for their staffs’ welfare, the CEP plan helps them achieve that. It caters for the team and helps ensure that their family members are also in a good health state.


It’s only logical that a staff member with less or no family worries would be more productive.


The mobile interface for both FP and CEP are similar.


Here is what it looks like…




CribMD Mobile App
Fig. 1

An example of Hillary – a patient subscribed on the FP plan is used. She has the option to add dependents under her plan.


Your screen view would be similar to Hillary’s, except, of course – the details would be different.


Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right, and you will see the “View Dependents’ ‘section.


The next screen is what is shown below.


Add Dependents
Fig. 2


This screen clearly shows that no dependent has been added.


To add a dependent, tap the “Add Dependents” button, and then you have this.


Add Dependents 2
Fig. 3


You get to fill in the dependent’s personal information and then indicate if the person is under age 16.


If yes, you get to fill in the last set of information, as seen below.


More Information
Fig. 4

Hit Save Dependent, and you are done.


However, if the dependent is above age 16, a slightly different route is taken.


The image below shows more.


Above Sixteen
Fig. 5


If the reply to the question “Are you responsible for this person’s care?” is Yes, then you are going to view the screen at Fig. 4 above and complete the information. Thereafter, you are good to go.


But if the answer is No, as seen below…


Above Sixteen 2
Fig. 6


So, here is what’s happening. Once you hit “No”, the field for Email Address appears, and you would have to put in the dependent’s email address.


Then tap the “Send Invite” button.


By that action, you’ve told CribMD that the person can handle the registration and data entry. 


CribMD immediately sends the person an email that would have a link that should be clicked so, the person does the following:


  • Registers on CribMD
  • Fills in additional information 


Once completed, the person appears on the dependents list.


So, Hillary’s dependents list should look like this.


List of Dependents
Fig. 7




At CribMD, we are aware that the family is the smallest unit of society. Hence, a campaign on affordable healthcare launched to encourage family members to achieve their health goals is a noble cause.


What better way to achieve such goals than receiving motivation from your loved ones.


Check out the offerings here.

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