Coronavirus – Can You Get Reinfected?

Coronavirus – a big crisis to hit humanity with loads of uncertainty and unpredictability. This has made scientists work tirelessly to find a permanent solution to the virus in the shortest time possible.

According to Houston Methodist, the organs of those who have recovered from Covid-19 create antibodies that protect their cell against the virus, making them have stronger immune cells. While chances of getting re-infected by Covid-19 is uncommon, it is still very possible. 

 Chances of Reinfection of Covid-19

In most cases, patients who recover after being infected with the virus may assume that they are re-infected when they notice the symptoms of the disease again. However, it is important not to confuse a relapse with reinfection. 

The factors responsible for reinfection have not been concluded, and studies show that few health conditions can increase the chances of being re-infected. Some include:

  • Diabetes: Diabetic patients mainly have pre-existing medical conditions such as kidney disease and hypertension. These conditions poses them at a greater risk of having coronavirus while also making it hard for their immune system to fight against it once infected.
  • Obesity: Obese individuals usually have a weakened immune system, making them more vulnerable to severe Covid-19 more than once.
  • Respiratory diseases: One of the symptoms of Covid-19 is that it attacks the respiratory system, which results in breathing difficulty. This makes people with chronic respiratory disease more vulnerable to the virus.

After an infection, the body produces antibodies that protect the body systems against the virus. However, this does not prevent the patient from getting re-infected.

How soon can re-infection occur since there are chances that it can happen?

Covid Re-infection Chances: How Soon Can You Get Re-infected?

While immunity against the virus lasts at least six months; you can still test positive between these times or after. When you get re-infected, the symptoms can be mild or non-evident. This is because our natural antibodies are not consistent enough.

Research has shown a case scenario of a man who had reinfection and showed symptoms of coronavirus after four months of recovery. Tests have also discovered the disease in patients after 12 weeks of recovery. So, it is possible that the coronavirus still exists in the patient’s body even after a few months of recovery. 

Re-infected with Covid-19? 

Due to the antibodies produced in the first infection, re-infection symptoms seldom appear. Therefore, it is important that you boost your immune system because it protects you from the Covid-19 disease and lessens its effects on the body system.

While increasing your immune system is good; it is advised to get vaccinated. Also, do not forget to use masks, stay clean, and most importantly, practice social distancing.

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