CribMD’s CEO – Ifeanyi Ossai named amongst the top entrepreneurs of 2021 by USA Today.

Solving everyday problems is something we are all urged to do, if not for anything, but that posterity will smile at us, and history would be as well kind to us.

Many economic pundits say Africa is bedevilled with many problems; truth be told, those problems exist. Mama Africa (as the continent is fondly called) has for so long clamoured for its problems to be solved by Africans, as we will have a better grasp of the on-the-ground situation. This proverbial African saying captures it all

“it is the one who lives in the house who knows where the roof leaks”.

In furtherance of the problem-solving clamour, CribMD’s CEO – Ifeanyi Ossai, has stepped up to tackle the challenges facing the healthcare industry in Nigeria.

Following the traumatic experience of losing a dear Aunt to an illness that would instead have required mild treatment, Ossai has taken it upon himself to be a positive change agent in the Nigerian healthcare sphere.

The United States National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health sheds light on how disturbing the healthcare situation is in Nigeria.

“In spite of the various reforms to increase the provision of health to the Nigerian peoplehealth access is only 43.3%.”

Such statistics show that there is indeed much work to be done.

Using technology, CribMD delivers low-cost healthcare offerings (telemedicine and doctor-house-calls) to subscribers at their convenience and comfort – helping them skip needless wait lines and traffic in hospital lobbies.

Doctor House Call

Ossai’s message of a decentralized healthcare system has received immense acceptance. He has featured on several media outlets like AITNTATVC etc., sharing the news about what CribMD is building.

CribMD has also featured on market-leading tech and business blogs such as TechpointTechCabalMarket Insider etc., to mention a few.

Recently, Ossai’s phenomenal work at CribMD caught the eyes of the USA Today — an internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper. They have named him amongst the top entrepreneurs of 2021.

Ifeanyi Ossai, Co-founder & CEO, CribMD

Remarkably, CribMD has also received resounding applause from investors and VCs who are very eager to use every resource at their disposal to support the CribMD mission and vision. Notable amongst them are The Guardian NigeriaSputnikATXNorrsken etc. 

CribMD is poised to change the way Nigerians and, in extension, Africans receive and experience healthcare. With over 2000 active subscribers and over 5000 thoroughly vetted doctors on the platform, it’s the next big thing in the African healthcare industry.

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