Did you take the Covid Vaccine?

Did you take the vaccine?
So far, one of the most widely asked questions in the world is whether to take the covid vaccine or not. This is actually a big decision; being that a lot of individuals have reacted to this vaccine. There has been thousands of cases of people going down with severe fever and weakness for a day or two after the intake so it’s absolutely normal to panic a little when the idea of taking the vaccine pops up. Who loves fever and headaches??? Absolutely no one!
However, we must seriously weigh the pros and cons. What do you stand to lose if you take the vaccine? Probably a few hours/days of inactivity due to minor body pains and headaches; but after that phase, you get to be immune from the scary hands of Corona Virus.
Being free from temporary discomfort might seem like one of the advantages of refuting the vaccine. But have you considered the danger of being exposed to a major virus that is overwhelming the world? A few hours of inactivity and discomfort over being a potential prey of this deadly virus is actually better. Getting exposed to lifetime complications or possibly death is quite a scary one.
So here are reasons why this vaccine is super important!
 1.  It gives you immunity
 Covid 19 can result to serious health complications in future. So why not stay safe and enjoy maximum protection?  Taking the vaccine would prevent you from having covid and would avoid related health complications in future.
 2.  It is completely safe and effective.
 The vaccine is safe for all. For some, it might come with little headaches but its nothing serious. Its just the body trying to adjust and welcome the vaccine into your body. Nothing serious!
 3.  Herd Immunity 
So this is how the herd immunity works. When  you take the vaccine, you have become immune. In that case, you prevent others close to you from getting the virus. It goes on and on from there.  When a percentage of people in a community take the vaccine, the chances of infection from those who have not taken the vaccine reduces. So if you take the vaccine today, you are not just protecting yourself but doing so for every loved one around you.
4. It would eventually lead to relaxation of strict preventive measures.
The world has been put on hold for over a year because of the pandemic. This has led to a great decline in the economy, an impediment in educational activities and  a major setback in the world’s state of affairs. The world literally is shut down and people are tired of being confined to their homes. But things would gradually get back to normal if more people brace up to get the vaccine. The more immune people become, the much easier it would be for the world to return to normalcy.
In conclusion, there is no conspiracy theory attached to the vaccine whatsoever.  Its just an imperative measure to keep the world safe and prevent more deaths.
Have you gotten vaccinated yet? Kindly visit the nearest clinic around you to do so!!!

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