Do not do These Before Going to Bed

One of the most important highlights of the day is retiring to bed after a long day of work and stress. The feeling is bliss. However there are certain things that might hinder a perfect sleep or even leave you fatigued when you wake up the next morning. Hence, here are things you shouldn’t engage in before going to bed:

  • Eating right before bed. 

Eating before bedtime could have so many downsides. This is because It takes between 3 to 6 hours for foods consumed to be properly digested so going to bed immediately after eating could lead to having undigested food in your system. This in turn could cause diarrhoea or bloating throughout the night till the following day. It is advisable to eat at least three to four hours before bedtime.  

  •  Taking Alcohol

Alcohol is not easy to digest and studies show that drinking alcohol right before bedtime could disrupt your flow of sleep. Alcoholic drinks should be taken at least four hours before bed time because they take so much time to digest. It could lead to discomfort too, especially when taken in excess. 

  • Eating Fatty Foods

Having fatty foods before bed can make you highly uncomfortable. This is because your body system would have to stay up late to digest the food properly. This might resort to frequent gassing or stomach discomfort when you go to bed. In the end this might defeat the purpose of having a stress free bed time. 

  • Taking Caffeine Products 

Caffeine products contain active agents that could prevent you from getting a good sleep. They can keep you awake and mess up your sleeping pattern. Worst of all, you might not feel refreshed in the morning. Caffeine increases the adrenaline level which makes you very active and agile. You would rather be cozy and warm during bedtime than exerting agility.  

  • Using Phones

Phones can be really distracting. You could chat away all day long into the night and deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep. Switch off your phone if possible before retiring for the day if you have the tendency to use your phone all through the night, so that you can have a less distracting bedtime. 

  • Taking Sleeping Pills

Sleeping aids might sound really good, but are not really advisable. The body should shut down naturally without the use of medication. For some, there are slight effects of sleeping aids such as dullness and minor headaches; but generally it is better to let the body work on its own. In other cases of insomnia, you could use natural sleeping aids like cheese, almonds, milk, bananas and herbal teas. 

  • Exercising

Exercising before bed is very unadvisable because it could lead to severe burnout the next morning. The appropriate time for exercise should be very early hours of the morning to boost your day and towards evening as a way of wrapping up your fitness routine for the day; but not before bedtime!

  • Getting Angry

Anger is a very strong emotion. If not handled properly, it could lead to unrest and pain. Bedtime is a time to rest and not a time to accumulate negative emotions. Before bedtime, make conscious efforts to avoid occasions that could make you get upset and tense. It is just more than getting upset because there is a higher chance that you would stay up all night to think about it!

  • Conclusion

A peaceful bedtime goes a long way in putting your body in a much needed state of relaxation. Never undermine the power of an amazing sleep.

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