Erectile Dysfunction

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Someone once implied that one of the greatest fears of the average man is not being able to perform or give pleasure to a woman during sex. We can link this to social constructs that expect the man to be a provider and a performer of some sort as proof of masculinity. 

This fear seems to have created a huge market for erectile dysfunction meds and libido enhancers for men.

Erectile dysfunction, in simple terms, is the inability of a man to get an erection and/or sustain one long enough for an average period of sexual intercourse. It occurs when the blood flow to the penis is decreased, or the muscles of the penis do not relax enough for blood to flow in for a firm and lasting erection.

Erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction medication

It is no secret that as men get older, it is only normal for their sexual performance to reduce. Averagely, the category of men who deal with issues of erectile dysfunction are those in their late 50s and 60s. This is partly due to a reduction in their levels of physical fitness and certain underlying health conditions. A few examples of the most common include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or other cardiovascular conditions.

Also, in recent times, many relatively younger men are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to certain other factors, such as poor health, lifestyle choices, stress, performance anxiety, etc. 

Erectile dysfunction can be managed but must be done with the help of a physician. Although many erectile dysfunction meds are available for purchase over the counter, it is much better to see a physician before going on any of these meds.

Let’s talk briefly about common drugs used for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction – Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil)

Many men with health problems use drugs like Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) to sustain their erection long enough for sex. These drugs work by aiding the effects of Nitric Oxide, a natural chemical the body produces that helps relax muscles in the penis, thus enabling more significant blood inflow. This creates a stronger erection that stays longer when there is sexual stimulation. 

Like most medications, there could be a few side effects, which is one reason why medical guidance is needed. For instance, if you are already on medication for an underlying health condition as a man, there might be side effects when taking drugs for erectile dysfunction. Certain drugs don’t do well when taken together and can increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction, so it is essential to seek medical counsel.

On the other hand, many young men who don’t need these drugs have made a habit of taking them. Individuals who misuse the drug can end up not being able to perform without such meds. This occurs as psychological dependence, where his body only responds adequately in a sexual encounter after the drug is taken.

It’s important to note that constant abuse increases the risk of side effects such as headaches, stomach upset, muscle or back pain, nasal congestion, hearing losses, and long-term vision depletion as well.

So rather than depending on erectile dysfunction medications and all sorts of libido enhancement meds, what should young men do? 

Erectile dysfunction

Keep reading to find out 3 helpful things that could be done.

1. Embrace Healthy Habits

When it comes to sexual performance, men must focus more on healthy habits that ensure all-round wellbeing. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are better approaches than relying on erectile dysfunction meds because sexual performance is closely tied to general wellbeing.

2. Manage sexual expectations

Exposure to porn can affect sexual expectations, which can have psychological effects on men. Understand that a lot of what you see in pornography is a properly acted script, sometimes done under the effects of drugs.

3. Communicate with your partner

Speaking with your partner about their preferences and expectations is a lot better. You will be surprised that you can get enough pleasure without drugs by simply doing the exact things your partner needs.

PS: You should also understand that it is not always about duration or forceful exertion.

For older men who might need ED medications, it’s nothing to be insecure about. All you need is to speak with experts to advise you appropriately on the best option. 

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