House Call: Yes, We Can Help You During this COVID-19 Pandemic

With over 120 million COVID-19 cases worldwide and over 2 million deaths, everything has changed in the past year. The world hasn’t faced something this tragic in over a century, and millions of individuals have been impacted financially and emotionally.

Going to the hospital for treatment or a test keeps you at a high risk of exposure to the Coronavirus. However, getting doctor house call anywhere in Nigeria would be the best option for any individual at this point. 

Doctor home visits can provide everything from preventive medicine to managing complex chronic conditions. While it allows patients to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary emergency room visits, it also helps doctors create a more intimate relationship with patients.

CribMD is leveraging both telemedicine and in-home visits to reach as many patients as possible. What’s more, there are tons of options for receiving non-emergency care in your own home from a medical practitioner, depending on your particular health concerns.



A CribMD doctor in your house delivers timely and quality healthcare in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home. You can also enjoy other benefits during doctor house calls such as:

  • Accurate maintenance of medical records
  • Provision of prescription refills.
  • Super Affordable – The service price is based on your subscription with no extra costs.
  • Smooth communication with a licensed and live physician anytime you choose to without a middle man.
  • Zero expense on transportation
  • Effective alternative to Hospital Care for patients having an acute or chronic illness.
  • Offers a Multi-disciplinary approach that will enhance patient’s results.
  • Amazing Reimbursement Offers.
  • No referral is needed to speak to a specialist.


Does CribMD offer Covid-19 testing?

We understand you are concerned about your safety and that of your loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is important to seek medical care when you need it because delaying care may create greater risks to your health.

While the Coronavirus is still in our communities and is still contagious, CribMD is one of the safest and best platforms to get quality healthcare.

If you experience minor symptoms of Covid-19, book a telemedicine call with CribMD. Our proficient doctors will enquire about your symptoms and how severe the case may be.

However, if your case is mild, you will be carefully guided on measures to take and how to isolate yourself from others properly. We can also arrange a Coronavirus test from accredited hospitals or labs to get you tested in case of intense symptoms.


Wrap Up

Limiting exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic has made house calls more important. It has served as a means of getting safer and faster appointments for patients than if they are trying to see a doctor at the hospital.

Concerns about COVID-19 and need doctor house call in Nigeria? Our doctors work 24/7 and are available across all states in the country to care for patients. 

So, why suffer any longer or wait in the emergency department till you get attended to?

Sign up now and start feeling better sooner.

Lani Sodunke

SEO & Content Manager

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