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How Telemedicine Can Help You Live a Better Life

If your life involves a great deal of adventure, be it motor racing across the African deserts, travelling from one city to another, or even having an extremely tight work schedule, making your health a priority all through the process is always worth it.

In an age where technology is almost more accessible than water, anyone can make a phone call to chat with a doctor, answer a few questions, and get medication prescribed at a discounted rate all within minutes.

With this, it is certainly no surprise that telemedicine has helped with the global issue of healthcare shortages and also increased medical services to millions of new patients.

Are you wondering what telemedicine is? or how telemedicine can help you live a better life in Nigeria?

Let’s get to it ……


What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows health practitioners to assess, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using cutting-edge digital technology. This means no more hassles of getting wheelchairs into your vehicle or sitting in the waiting room for hours before your doctor attends to you.

With telemedicine, you can focus on finding the best possible specialists for any health condition without being hindered by location constraints. Also, telemedicine makes it easier for doctors to provide the best possible treatment, knowing that they will have all the information they need instantly.

Now, It’s time to get down to the good stuff — The top 5 benefits of using telemedicine.



#1 Saves Time and Cost

The time and energy it takes to visit the hospital can be stressful due to traffic jam or unnecessary waiting at the doctor’s office till it gets to your turn. Telemedicine can significantly benefit both patients and doctors. It makes doctor-patient communication easy since the service is provided remotely using a digital device and the internet.

Also, In-person visits can be quite expensive most of the time as there are unavoidable costs such as transportation and follow-up costs that can add up. According to statistics, telemedicine has helped to lower the cost of doctor visits by almost 15%. With this, patients can connect more flexibly with doctors through telemedicine, saving time and money.


#2 Reduces The Spread Of Infectious illness

As everyone does their best to prevent one patient from infecting another, it is almost unavoidable for individuals with low immune system or critical conditions to get infected in crowded waiting rooms or hospital premises. 

Telemedicine protects the health of those with real medical conditions and those who are relatively healthy as well. By staying at home, you will receive all the care you require without exposing yourself to illness or infecting someone else.

What’s more, in this time of uncertainty and fear of Covid-19, critical social distancing and the lack of adequate treatments have made telemedicine a secure and safe interactive system between patients and medical practitioners. 


#3 Easy Access to Specialists

According to Dr. Francis Faduyile – The Nigerian Medical Association president, the ratio of doctors to patients in Nigeria is 1 to 10,000 in urban areas and 1 to 22,000 in rural areas. 

This means that people who need to see a specialist are forced to endure long wait times or drive long distances just to have access to advanced medical care for chronic conditions of certain diseases. 

In this case, a telemedicine system like CribMD is very effective. It allows a patient, who would typically have to take extra time off to travel to visit a specialist or wait long hours, the ability to meet with a health provider right from their comfort zone.


#4 Convenience 

Flexibility and convenience are actually one of telemedicine’s biggest benefits for both doctors and patients. Doctors can now follow-up on prescription renewals and attend to complicated situations. While patients who are busy or embarrassed by a certain medical condition can conveniently communicate with an online doctor anonymously.

Communicating with a doctor conveniently can help you feel comfortable and engaged while improving your mental and physical health. Telemedicine makes it effortless for patients to stay healthy at the least cost.


#5 Provides Easy Access to Quality Health Care

Not everyone has the privilege of reaching out to a doctor whenever they need one. Having remote access to your doctor allows you to get healthcare at anyplace and anytime as long as you have an internet connection. 

Since you don’t need to get out of bed or incur any transportation cost, telemedicine can help individuals with disabilities or adults who have healthcare needs and are finding it quite challenging to get the care they need.

Additionally, It will also make it an easy avenue for you to report any early signs of disease that you may notice. 


Wrapping Up

As the health industry keeps evolving, patients these days do not have to go to the hospital to seek medical attention physically. Leveraging on technology, telemedicine prevents unnecessary hospital stays and offers an extraordinary potential for delivering fast, convenient, affordable, and quality care round the clock.

Are you in need of a reliable Telemedicine service in Nigeria? Sign up and subscribe to the CribMD platform today!


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