Living a Healthy Lifestyle as a Family

With the increase in diseases leading to sudden deaths, one of the questions that would keep popping on your mind is how to live a long and healthy life.

Having a healthy lifestyle will have you and your family feel your best, making you all a lot happier. Though making out time for this might be sometimes overwhelming or impossible; here are few basic healthy lifestyle choices you can make which may promote a more healthy quality of life and longevity:

#1 Participate in fun activities with your kids 

Children and adults are expected to engage in physical activities for at least 60 minutes every day. This helps young children and adolescents to develop strong bones and muscles. 

You can try activities like dancing and skipping to create excitement during exercise.

#2 See Your Doctor

No matter how healthy and strong you or your family might seem, make sure to visit or communicate with your doctor. Using cutting-edge technology, CribMD has made it easier for you to speak with a doctor at any time from any place. This makes it easier for you to identify well-being issues before it becomes a major health concern.

#3 Determine the fitness goals of each member of the family 

It’s essential to consider the age and fitness levels of each of your family members, then use it to determine the intensity and duration of each activity. An example is taking the stairs instead of an elevator. The following week, you can increase the task by walking a few blocks after using the stairs.

Also, track your family’s fitness goals by writing them down and sticking them on the refrigerator or any visible area. Then you can review these goals periodically so you can set a new one after meeting the old ones.

Note: The main goal is for every member to participate in the physical activities, so make sure to pick out exercises that are attainable for everyone.

#4 Sleep

Don’t underestimate the value of sleep in a healthy lifestyle. Sleep allows your mind and body to refuel, regenerate and energize. Getting enough sleep increases your ability to think clearly, react appropriately, maintain motivation and gives you the stamina to enjoy the various aspects of your life.

#5 Discuss good nutrition and healthy eating habits with your family 

Children, most especially, need to be taught about foods that are healthy for their bodies. It’s as simple as explaining the importance of each class of food to them. You can also create menus and let them identify and include the healthy foods that everyone eats.

Other steps to creating a healthy feeding and active lifestyle for a family are:

    • Always start the day with a healthy breakfast to provide energy for the day. 
    • Rather than watching TV and playing video games often, encourage physical activities instead.
    • Eat at least three servings of whole grains such as oats, rice, pasta, etc., every day.
    • Add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu. 
    • Drink plenty of water. You can also drink low-fat milk and low calories beverages. 
    • When rewarding children for good deeds, sometimes use praises instead of junks.
    • Find out the appropriate vitamin supplements for you and your children. 


A healthy lifestyle is a choice. A choice to live better and put the amount of sacrifice and hard work it takes to get there. While it is impossible to include all of these aspects daily, the more habitual you are to include them the better your chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle become.

PS: Always remember that choosing drastic changes can hurt your body. The goal is to improve your life, so use caution and begin slowly when starting out and never overdo.

Lani Sodunke

SEO & Content Manager

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