Not Losing Belly Fat? Here are 6 Reasons Why!

One of the most stubborn kinds of fat to eliminate in the body is stomach fat. This is because the stomach is made up of layers of fat to protect the organs in the body. Also, the stomach is obviously the harbour place for the foods we consume. In essence, if we do not engage in physical activities, the calories gotten from food would just sit in the stomach and would not be distributed to other parts of the body accordingly.
So here are the reasons why you might not be losing belly fat.
 1. You don’t know your belly fat type.
 There are different belly fat types and if you don’t figure out your kind, then there are chances that you’d be working in vain.
Thee are two main kinds of belly fat:
The Visceral Fat: these kinds of fat are found around the organs. They surround the organs.
The Subcutaneous Fat: these kinds of fat are the ones that sit just right under your skin.
If you do not have this understanding, you would be trying so hard to lose belly fat; but in the real sense you are not losing any.
For Visceral fat, they can increase chances of health problems. To eliminate them, quit smoking and reduce sugary drinks. Also, try to exercise at least thirty minutes every day.
For Subcutaneous fat, aerobic exercises are the best bet. You can take a swim or go cycling.
2. You diet wrongly
 When it comes to dieting, it has to be very meticulous. Dieting follows certain processes; and this is why it is important you have a fitness coach who would give you adequate meal plans specially designed for your body type. Going on a carb diet  or a low-fat diet without prior  consultation is very unadvisable. Consult your fitness coach before going on a diet to figure out the right diet for your body type.
 4. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
This is a hormonal disorder that could throw your body off balance.  It is responsible for longer periods or irregular periods and excess male hormones in the female body. This condition can stir up your hormones and throw them in a state of imbalance which could make you add weight especially around the lower abdomen of the belly area. If you are suffering from PCOS, Going on a low fat diet is superb for belly fat loss. Also avoid alcohol and eat more veggies with your meals.
5. Poor eating habits
Eating at odd hours or eating too much can be an impediment to losing fat around your stomach area. This is because the body builds and stores up cholesterol in the body. Eating unhealthy fats found in junks, fries and oily food could be the reason why you are not losing belly fat. These foods are high in cholesterol and can enhance massive weight gain around the stomach especially if you are not always physically active.
6. Stress
This is one major cause of belly fat or bloating. Cortisol is being released by the body when you are stressed. Over secretion of Cortisol leads to multiple cravings for sugar and junks. This is the reason why you feel like taking sugary stuff or junk when you are extremely busy or stressed. You’re hormones are highly responsible for this.
So! How do you lose belly fat?
 1.  Improved sleep pattern
 Have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. Anything short of that could build up stress in the body; and stress could lead to the accumulation of belly fat. This is because stress disrupts the proper functioning of your hormones and could over-secrete Cortisol; a hormone responsible for cravings and weight gain.
 2. Exercise Regularly
 You do not necessarily need to get to the gym to exercise daily. You can go for a run daily or take walks around the block. Just make sure you are physical engaged and not laying around all day long.  Do it with your friends to make it more fun!
To complete this, you could add healthy meals into your fitness routine. Come up with a meal plan of healthy foods and stick to them religiously. If you cannot create a meal plan, your fitness coach could do that for you. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too.
 3. Consume healthy fats 
  Eat healthy and infuse foods rich in healthy fats like almonds, avocados, eggs  into your meals. This would give your body just the right amount of fat needed to function properly. Avoid junks at all costs. They are natural fatteners.
In all, stay healthy always. A healthy body is the biggest secret to living a long and fulfilled life.

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