These 10 Intriguing Weight Loss Facts would actually Mesmerize you!



For weight loss programmes, it is normal to get very discouraged by the “what works for Tom might not really work for Harry” Syndrome. Absolutely normal! For one, cutting down on carbs and sticking to the veggies could work perfectly; but for the other could be surprisingly futile. The vagueness of this could actually sabotage the whole idea of a weight loss plan; because there truly might not be a “one size fits all” solution for losing calories! However, there are very surprising facts about weight loss that you should know: this would help you view weight loss plan in a more holistic fashion.

So.. you should know that;

Stress can make your weight loss journey a Herculean task because you gain more weight when you undergo stress. Cortisol is a hormone that is released in the body when you are stressed and this hormone is highly responsible for triggering your appetite and cravings. Well. Now you should watch what you eat when you are stressed!

Lack of adequate sleep could be a major factor why you are not losing weight. How much of sleep do you actually get in a day? Anything short of an uninterrupted six-hour sleep is little sleep. Getting little sleep can throw off your hormones and put them in an utter state of imbalance. This would not just make you very dull all day; but trigger intense hunger. An eight-hour sleep per day could actually keep the doctor away!

Researchers say that having sex with your spouse can help in losing weight! First of all, sex reduces stress level and the absence of stress can also aid in weight loss. Also, sex is a physically activity and is capable of burning a considerable number of calories. So, if you cannot exercise regularly…then sex is great for weight loss!

Sitting for eight hours or more contributes to massive weight gain. This is because your body translates these hours of sittings as hours of inactivity; and inactivity means that your body starts shutting down and won’t generate enzymes to digest meals properly. So, your meals just sit in your stomach and fat gets stored up. Take breaks from sitting all day! Take walks often instead. Don’t sit around.

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Each adult has an average number of over 30 billion fat cells. This means that everyone is actually prone to getting fat; but by virtue of genes and lifestyle, a lot of people actually find it difficult to gain weight.  Invariably, there are more fat cells in a person than fat people in the world!

Fat cells do not evaporate or diminish when you eat right or live healthy. Fat cells are like balloons. When you deflate them, they wait patiently till they are being inflated again. There is no such thing as burning fat cells. Fat cells can definitely get as large as ten times its regular size.

Eating with another person would make you eat less and get full on time. However, eating alone could result to eating twice as much as you would have eaten when with one other person. Meaning that eating alone can actually frustrate a weight loss plan. Finding an eating partner could work for you!

Liposuction is a perfect way to get a nice body. However, liposuction only removes fat that lie below the layer of the skin. It does not extract fat cells or extract fat in sensitive areas like around the heart or abdomen. Also, only about three pounds of fat is safe for extraction. Further removal of fat would lead to serious complications. This means that fat is actually a very useful component in the body!

Female breasts are made up of fat. So, during weight loss, the breast reduces because it is made up of fat too! People who exercise to lose weight might notice a reduction in their bust area. It is absolutely normal. As your weight fluctuates, it affects the bust region too!

Taking soda daily can increase chances of obesity especially in females by 40%. Research has it that females consume more soda than males especially during ovulation and pre – menstrual periods when their cravings are high. Researchers also say that women are the fatter sex!


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