We came, we saw, we conquered.


Sputnik ATX’s official announcement

On the 10th of February 2021, we officially got announced as one of the W21 cohorts of the Sputnik ATX Accelerator Program. 

Nothing could have prepared us for the ecstatic joy we felt at that moment; all the hard work had finally culminated in that final moment. 

We later found out that we would be participating in the program with four other outstanding startup founding teams – who are also building great products.

Now, here is an interesting stat. Five of the chosen startup teams made up less than 2% of the total number of those who applied to the program.


Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t meet physically, so the fundamental nature of the program was virtual. 

Every week we engaged in different tasks, and many times we were given assignments. 

For the thirteen weeks, our founding team members – Lorna, Mike and Ossai had to do proper time scheduling to ensure CribMD’s participation in the program didn’t harm product growth. They both had to run concurrently.

Even though the pandemic prevented a physical/immersive experience, there are still some positive takeaways from the virtual experience.

The remote experience afforded us some flexibility and the ability to take on multiple tasks from the comfort of our different workstations thousands of miles away from Sputnik’s Texas office.


If we may, permit us to brag a little bit. You see, CribMD performed excellently well in the program to the degree of recording back to back winning streaks.

During the weekly tasks, there were some set targets laid out for each team to achieve.

One such was the #TractionHorse task, where the startup with the highest traction for the week gets rewarded with a majestic trophy. 

We won the #TractionHorse multiple times.

See some of them.



Sputnik ATX Graduation

Our official graduation from the W21 cohort was on demo day – WAT 9 pm Wednesday 12th May 2021. 

Sputnik ATX held it virtually, and we had the chance to demonstrate once again why we are a formidable force to watch out for.

CribMD remains ever poised and fired up to take on the healthcare consultation challenges in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The Sputnik ATX experience was a wholistic one. From receiving funding from Sputnik ATX to networking with other potential investors to linking up with other founders on the cohort, the management of CribMD is ready to maximize every opportunity afforded by the program to scale to the next level.


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